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These pergolas are aluminum and can be highly customized. They come with rain sensors, LED lighting, and motorized louvers. They can be set to automatically close when it rains as well as by way of remote control. The water is designed to drain through the support posts. For more technical details, click here.

Below are some more examples of pergolas with fixed glass sides, sliding glass doors, and motorized screens.

3 Season Pergola
Pergola Bar
Black Aluminum Pergola
Pergola at night

We also build traditional pavilions. These are often built together with custom fireplaces and outdoor kitchens.

Pavilion with fireplace


Below is a 360 degree video where you can experience several different options for pavilions, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and fire features.

If you're unfamiliar with 360 videos, simply use your mouse or finger to drag the video in whichever direction you would like to explore. You can also pause the video and continue to explore.

Be sure to select the highest quality setting by way of the gear icon.

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