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Discover the Unseen - Hidden Gems by Allscape Patio

We build mechanisms.

At Allscape Patio, we believe your outdoor space should be a sanctuary, not just for relaxation but for the extraordinary. Imagine a world where luxury meets the clandestine, where every element of your outdoor living space holds a secret, waiting to be unveiled. Welcome to a small sample of our hidden, secret, and covert features, designed for those who cherish privacy, security, and a touch of the mysterious.

We install nationally.

The Enigmatic Motorized Pillar


Beneath the elegance of our bespoke motorized pillar lies a secret chamber, a safe haven for your most prized possessions. With the touch of a button, what blends seamlessly with your patio's existing architecture rises to reveal a hidden safe. When retracted, it is indistinguishable from any other pillar within your outdoor living space.

It's more than an outdoor feature; it's a guardian of your treasures, hidden in plain sight.

The Culinary Concealment

Our outdoor kitchens redefine the art of hidden spaces. A countertop serves as the stage for your culinary creations, but could it also be used to store the unexpected? Powered by a sleek hydraulic mechanism, a section of the countertop unveils a hidden compartment. In this specific hidden space, a red golf club emerges, but we really don't care if your golf club is blue. We can make both spin or pivot all the same.


The Fireplace Portal

The Ultimate Escape From a Neighbor's Barking Dog

This is perhaps the most popular of our current designs, a fireplace that transcends the ordinary. To the untrained eye, it offers warmth and comfort. But for those in the know, it serves as an entrance to another world. With a mechanism as smooth as it is discreet, the fireplace becomes an elevator, descending to an underground bunker. It's not just a feature; it's a passage to a realm of your own, a covert sanctuary designed for peace, privacy, and protection.

Turret Turf


This motorized turf blends into the rest of the lawn when closed. Did somebody see a rifle move inside there? It is strictly for remotely pointing lasers at the ground for the cats to chase.

Embrace the Mystery with Allscape Patio

Your home is a reflection of your uniqueness. Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? At Allscape Patio, we specialize in transforming outdoor spaces into realms of mystery and luxury. Each feature is more than meets the eye, promising not just beauty and functionality but a hidden depth of surprises.

Dare to discover what lies beneath. Contact us to explore the unseen possibilities of your outdoor space.

Limited Availability

Although it is a great blessing that we are the only company to install such unique patio and outdoor living space features, it results in ever increasing times between scheduling availability for installations.

Due to the growing threat national safety, we are seeing a rising trend moving in this direction. We will help you to the best of our abilities, yet it would be prudent to consider the delays between your request and our installation availability.

Contact Us

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